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Last years Omiš became important center for adventure tourism and extreme sports. Tourist agency "Omnivia" can organise for you active holiday offer.
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Kaštil Slanica

As a part of several hundred years old history, restaurant Kaštil Slanica is distinguished with exeptional ambience and gastronomy attached to environment and past...

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Radman mills

Nowdays Radman mills are a restaurant and picnic place where in the shadows of tall trees, in the peaceful atmosphere of mill wheels and a sundial...


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Excursions in the canyon of the Cetina river

Restaurant-picnic area Radman mills is located 6 km upstream from Omiš, in the heart of the Cetina River canyon.
The river is navigable for small boats up to the Radman mills, but there is also the road built in the time of the Emperor Joseph along the river.



Radman's mills are perfect place to experience rafting adventure. Adventure starts up the Cetina River 9 km from Radman's mill through untouched nature surrounded by cliffs, blue sky and crystal clear water. You can experience this only by one possible way – rafting. After three hours of going down the rapids, bathing in the river and enjoying the beautiful nature of the protected river Cetina canyon, we reach the point in the Radman´s mills where rafting finish. On the place where river calms down and where is the end of rafting, Radman's mills offers you interesting gastronomy. 

Transfer from Omiš or Radman mills to the rafting starting point, rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket and paddle and neoprene suit if necessary due to weather) and professional guide (skiper) are provided. Rafting lasts cca 3 and half hours.

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A boat trip to Radman mills starts in Omiš, where the Cetina River gently flows into the Adriatic Sea.
During the trip on the river, which calmly flows surrounded by firm mountains and, adorned by different crowns of trees and reed fields, you will come in direct contact with nature. Except in the beauty of the nature, you will enjoy in the company of different animals such as coots, ducks and fish. The boat trip takes about forty minutes on the 6 km long part of the river.

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The tourist train will take you for a ride through the beautiful valley of the Cetina River where you can enjoy in the magnificent landscape of the canyon. Twinkling coloures of green tree crowns, golden shine of reed, emerald river and silverish mountain cliffs, are just unforgettable. A six kilometers long train trip starts in Omiš and ends up about thirty minutes later in Radman mills.

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Experience the beauty of the Cetina River, while canoeing on a quiet part of its flow.
Relax surrounded by greenery and blue sky. Enjoy the delights of the river and its beautiful canyon, Island of Love, lush vegetation and bayous. Take advantage of bathing on one of the beaches along the Cetina. Canoes can be rented in Radman mills.
Neccessary equipment, paddles and life jacket, is secured.

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When asked about the most interesting place for climbing in Croatia, most climbers will answer: Omis. With a distinctive blend of sea, Cetina and rocks, which is a real feast for the eyes, there are multiple advantages compared to other climbing locations. Rock climbing is a real adventure full of adrenaline, perfect for everyone.

Large selection of directions of different weight allows you to feel like a spider, at least for a while. Working with your instructor, you can climb up to 30 meters in height. With your instructor and professional equipment this adventure becomes 100% safe.

The program lasts up to 3 hours, depending on your physical abilities. When meeting with your instructor and the basics of climbing, you get all the equipment including climbing shoes, belt and helmet.

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Experience a whole new experience and adventure that you will never forget. With a touch of top entertainment enjoy the natural beauty of Omiš region. Have you ever wanted to try hanging over the canyon or are you the person who is looking for new thrills? You should try the first real Croatian zipline, located in the great scenery of the canyon of the river Cetina. For those who do not know what zipline actually is, that is an entertainment where people, with the belt over the pulley, slide down the wire rope of different lengths and inclination, enough for a good "adrenaline kick".
Aside from adrenaline rush, there is the opportunity to see the beautiful Cetina canyon from the other,
quite special, perspective.

Departure is scheduled in front of the travel agency Radman's mills, where transport to the starting point will be organized. 

Equipment: (helmet, belt, pulleys, carabiners) manufactured by Petzl, backpack
Duration: Depending on group size, approximately 3 hours

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(The excursion is organized for groups on request in the Kaštil Slanica restaurant)

A hundred year old pirate tradition has made Omiš recognizable as a tourist pearl located between Split and Makarska Riviera, in the heart of Dalmatia.
Evoking memories of a rich pirate history of the 12th, 13th and 14th century, we meet the rulers of Omiš, dukes Kačić whom travellers had to pay for a safe and the only possible way of  sailing in this part of the Adriatic.
The main pirat base was the Cetina River with its island in front of Kaštil Slanica.

Program of pirate night:

  • gathering in front of the tourist agency Radmanove mlinice near the Omiš bridge
  • a half-hour boat ride on the Cetina River to the Kaštil Slanica restaurant 
  • encounter with pirates on the Cetina River 
  • a rich pirate dinner in the Kaštil Slanica restaurant
  • fun and entertainment with the Omiš pirates and live music ,the Cetina Pirates duo

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