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Last years Omiš became important center for adventure tourism and extreme sports. Tourist agency "Omnivia" can organise for you active holiday offer.
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Kaštil Slanica

As a part of several hundred years old history, restaurant Kaštil Slanica is distinguished with exeptional ambience and gastronomy attached to environment and past...

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Radman mills

Nowdays Radman mills are a restaurant and picnic place where in the shadows of tall trees, in the peaceful atmosphere of mill wheels and a sundial...


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Radman mills

On its way towards the sea the Cetina River has in the course of centuries cut a magnificent canyon in the surrounding mountains. Roaring thunderously from its source, Cetina´s power moved the wheels of mills, for centuries before flowing peacefully into the sea. The mills (mlinice), first mentioned as early as the 17th and 18th century, began to flourish int the 19th century when they were renovated by the Radman family, whose name they still carry today.
Today Radman mills has been converted into a restaurant and picnic area. Surrounded by tall trees, ancient mill wheels, a sun dial and a calming pool field with lasy river trouts Radman´s mills enables you to capture the essence of the past.

Restaurant – picnic area Radman mills is placed 6 km from Omiš, in the heart of the Cetina River canyon.

Radman mills are ideal for adventure lovers. Peace, freshness and the beauty of the canyon will allow you to relax in the full sense of the word.

Excellent cuisine, traditional dishes, sports facilities, playground and river beaches are located next to the restaurant.
Enjoy the magic of the Cetina River canyon and its beautiful, rich vegetation and the spirit of timelessness. 
Take advantage of the possibility of swimming and sunbathing in one of the many river beaches.


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