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Kaštil Slanica

As a part of several hundred years old history, restaurant Kaštil Slanica is distinguished with exeptional ambience and gastronomy attached to environment and past...

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Radman mills

Nowdays Radman mills are a restaurant and picnic place where in the shadows of tall trees, in the peaceful atmosphere of mill wheels and a sundial...


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Radman mills history

Because of its location, the mills were built very early in Viseć region, in the canyon of the Cetina River. Earliest information about mills on that locality dates from the year 1722 that is carved into a stone pave above the passage on today's building.

Nikola Radman bought the old mill and together with his sons started a total modernization, broadening and reconstruction of the mill which in the end looked like a summerhouse.

The Radman family used the north side of the building for business purposes whereas the south side was used for living purposes. The surrounding swamps and meadows were turned into a park with an oval pool on the eastern side of the mill and a dove cot right next to it. The plane that has been planted in the middle of the park is today one of the biggest trees in central Dalmatia. Next to the park and a canal through which water was flowing and moving the mills (called stream in the documents) a fish pond – trout fish farm was built.

The Mill was open for public in January 1848. Nowdays Radman mills are a restaurant and  a picnic place where in the shadows of tall trees, in the peaceful atmosphere of mill wheels and a sundial, in the company of lazy trout swimming in the pond, one can feel the rustic spirit of past times.



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